CNU Keynote: Lifetimes & Changes

The keynote address at CNU in Louisville, like most national conferences, stopped to honor several stellar members that had passed in the last year. Strangers to me (as a newbie) they were obviously well known, well loved, and described as people that had spent their lives in the calling of Urban Planning, Property Development, Alternative Architecture, evolving City Codes, and “Walkable Cities” (before that term had even been invented).

Their ages were late 50’s to early 70s, crossing my own. It made me think how I spent my life in my own field (computer systems, manufacturing systems, shop floor control & planning) and that I might appear on some power point if I had not radically retired and radically changed my career path. Now I run to catch up, hope to learn what I can, but know what I don’t know in this foreign field.

But I know that I respect the world of the professionals I meet; whether here in Louisville, across the internet, and at home in Pinellas county. I have much to learn about New Urbanism, Transit Planning & Technologies, Walkable Cities; but I’m learning from some really great people.

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