Diet#3: 16 Rounds & Weetabix

Another long diet/exercise story. I've maxed myself out at my morning walk, finishing 12 stairs (plus 4 warm-up/cool down). This is from my original, unimaginable, goal of FIVE. Those 16 cycles took 1:02. Adding any more loops seems crazy. I will now fix this length at 16, and work on lowering the time; an hour … Continue reading Diet#3: 16 Rounds & Weetabix

Diet#2: Bluetooth Headband

In the last couple weeks I have shot from five sets of stairs (my orig goal) to six, seven, and today EIGHT. I wanted to share my tech. Of course, it took me several passes to figure out how. I bought a Bluetooth headband to replace my earbuds. First my first two months I just … Continue reading Diet#2: Bluetooth Headband

Faith in Your Kids

Since Mothers Day, I've have many nostalgic chats with friends about moms; recalling my mom's life, my childhood, her later years and passing two decades ago. I was struck by an interesting thought. Her generation lived through "The Great Depression" when young, but also experienced late in life our modern technological boom. While technology changed … Continue reading Faith in Your Kids