Racing Thoughts & Melancholy

Today I am zipping down to DC to catch the auto train south to Orlando tomorrow. The weather is perfect, and the traffic is light, the low hills along the Trenton river are breathtaking. Yet I sit here melancholy. The purpose of any solo motorcycle trip is to have extended time alone in your head; … Continue reading Racing Thoughts & Melancholy

NYC Runaround

On Friday Vee flew home, it was my day to see the Guggenheim then head back to Yonkers. I would fetch the scooter from where we stashed it at the motel lot on Wednesday. We woke up at Vee's friend's loft in the Village and both packed. We would put her (and her luggage) on an … Continue reading NYC Runaround

What Do You Say to a Transit Activist?

I'm down here in greater Miami this week, on a business trip (mostly, monkey business) with Vicki. This time we drove, so my expenses were even less. I mean, I chauffeured her rental car and piggy backed on the room. Only my lunches, while she's working, were out of pocket. How can a fellow say no? … Continue reading What Do You Say to a Transit Activist?