Presidential Debate, Fox News, and Scythes

Fox News is like Pravda of old, the famous USSR propaganda channel. An old joke was this: An American & Soviet had a challenge, which the American won by a mile. The Pravda article later reported "In today's race our valiant Soviet entrant finished in 2nd place while the pitiful American finally arrived 2nd to … Continue reading Presidential Debate, Fox News, and Scythes

Trump Parades: Cheering for your Hangman

Delicious! The delusions of those clawing, scratching, cheering; thinking they will rub elbows and share riches with the uber-wealthy. Laughing today at those they are told are below their rung. "Trump 2020" they cheer! Recall the child's game "ten little, nine little, eight little Indians..." or "I lit a match and it went OUT!" or … Continue reading Trump Parades: Cheering for your Hangman

Faith in Your Kids

Since Mothers Day, I've have many nostalgic chats with friends about moms; recalling my mom's life, my childhood, her later years and passing two decades ago. I was struck by an interesting thought. Her generation lived through "The Great Depression" when young, but also experienced late in life our modern technological boom. While technology changed … Continue reading Faith in Your Kids

US-19 Pedestrian Safety – Now?

Today I attended a FDOT sponsored focus group for a new US-19 “frontage road safety plan”. *sigh* FDOT is now addressing our shoehorned freeway from its south at the Ulmerton/Roosevelt fork up to Countryside mall on the north; where it returns to a 9-lane arterial, the next FDOT mega-project. Yes, absolutely, I was honored to … Continue reading US-19 Pedestrian Safety – Now?

US-19, Marchetti’s Law, Jevon’s Paradox

I left the CNU conference with a head full of information, reams of notes, and one incredible insight to the mess here in North Pinellas. Everybody stuck in a traffic jam on US-19 or McMullen Booth wants to “Add a lane”. Most of us know this never works, due to “Induced demand”. But I learned … Continue reading US-19, Marchetti’s Law, Jevon’s Paradox

CNU Keynote: Lifetimes & Changes

The keynote address at CNU in Louisville, like most national conferences, stopped to honor several stellar members that had passed in the last year. Strangers to me (as a newbie) they were obviously well known, well loved, and described as people that had spent their lives in the calling of Urban Planning, Property Development, Alternative … Continue reading CNU Keynote: Lifetimes & Changes