Hey! I’m on the Phone Here!

I was just at El Pollo with my 30 yo son for an early lunch meeting, half the tables empty. Some guy starts talking on his phone at full voice. I mean FULL VOICE. He's behind me so my son looks over my shoulder and we let the guy go 10, 20 seconds. I look … Continue reading Hey! I’m on the Phone Here!

Clumsy Me!

(originally posted to facebook) On the scooter its always Ninja-level alert, 2-seconds to danger, and always wear a helmet, preferably my safety boots and jacket (which I left home on such a nice night). First, I am fine; except for leaving one layer of skin, and a whole lotta dignity out on East Bay Road. … Continue reading Clumsy Me!

The Future: “To the Bride & Groom”

I'm attending a wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding is today, and it overwhelmingly heartwarming. I had no idea what to expect. My role was to be an escort, and an observer; to enjoy myself and a sneak in a small vacation. This week has been simply wonderful. Here in Charlotte, in “the historical south”, this … Continue reading The Future: “To the Bride & Groom”