Presidential Debate, Fox News, and Scythes

Fox News is like Pravda of old, the famous USSR propaganda channel. An old joke was this: An American & Soviet had a challenge, which the American won by a mile. The Pravda article later reported “In today’s race our valiant Soviet entrant finished in 2nd place while the pitiful American finally arrived 2nd to last”.

I caught some of today’s Fox “News” spin on last night’s first presidential debate. It was organized, professional, delusional, and would make Pravda blush.

The screen headline proclaimed: “Debate marred by name calling and interruptions”; calling out only Biden “referring to our president” as “Donald”, “this clown”, saying “shut up”. Trump’s 10 interruptions & rude asides for each of Biden’s just didn’t merit mention.

They trumpeted instead “Biden talking over the president” with “claims of innocence” trying to “interrupt the president from even finishing” so the American people could not even hear the facts. They omitted how the FBI/CIA vetted those claims to be KGB inventions & smears to benefit Trump, and Biden (and the whole western world) knows this. Both Trump and Fox pass this fact off like a blushing ingenue: “all I know is, gosh, what we’ve been told”.

Poor Joe Biden, finishing 2nd to last.

Then a lengthy segment: “We’ve heard that several of Biden’s advisors told him to end the debates after one … (but he has told them ‘no, he will do all three’)”.

[talking head] “This is to be expected. Biden holds a slight percentage lead, here and there, in a few states he really expected to lose. When he escaped last night without a major gaff, you naturally expect his inner circle to say ‘Hey, don’t take the chance again. You survived this one, why risk another? Why let the president take another swing at you? Just walk away now’. … This is thinking you expect from people holding onto a small, unexpected lead.”

After all, says Fox, he finished 2nd to last.

It went on and on like this for 30 minutes, and certainly all morning. I expect it will continue all week on Fox/Pravda. They will refine the different blind stabs, random swings, spaghetti thrown on the wall. They will eventually figure out which crazy bluster is even too much propaganda for their long trained choir to drink.

But their organization does have one major advantage: a distributed network of armed terror sleeper cells, already in place walking among us, in constant communication and now “standing by” waiting for their imam-in-chief to declare his jihad-on-America so they will know when and where to terrorize the security of our homeland. And all Americans will soon be able to sort out the ‘good cops’ from those ‘bad cops’ we hear so much about. We will see which of us get arrested & shot, and who is given high fives, water bottles, and great big smiles. Americans will know.

The French Bastille, Berlin Wall, Boston Tea Party remind us that much was accomplished with the equivalent of hockey sticks, milk bottles, car tires in the hands of ordinary citizens denied their vote. Simple acts by simple people, with simple scythes, clubs and torches. Those ordinary citizens found themselves thrust into historic moments, against well funded well organized well armed squads of uniformed believers, “following orders” and killing millions for the wrong side, the wrong cause. Death and violence that still inevitability gave way to the voice of the people. History shows us that the peaceful transfer of power, to the will of the majority, is always better for those in temporary leadership than its noisy, costly, destructive alternative. Hand over the keys as the will of the people, or have them eventually pulled from your hand by that unstoppable majority.

History is ugly to those that killed, and died, for the tyrants that would oppress the voice of the majority. There are no hero’s parades or festooned graveyards for nazis, confederate rebels, KGB operatives, or the murder squads of Stalin, Hussein, Putin, Pablo Escobar, the shah, Pinochet, or Pol Pot. It’s the victims that are given the memorials, museums, documentaries & chapters in school books.

Even slimy Glenn Beck knows to co-opt the words of Martin Luther King, which are taught & etched on monuments, even while he acts out Bull Conner’s call to white supremacy and black suppression. History holds the men in those pictures with hoses, dogs, and night sticks as the lowest scum, their names to be forever unspoken, faces reviled. Even today while their racial hate is again being fanned, they themselves are not reclaimed. There is no Hitler fan club, even among nazis.

Today’s “goon squads” may enjoy the power of the moment, but survivors will live out their lives in unspeakable shame. What did you do back during “Black Lives Matter” daddy? We learned in school how it transformed our country, providing rights to everyone and helped end class hatred. “I followed orders to shoot unarmed marchers that would not disperse” will provide your grandkids one hell of a Holiday dinner story.

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