Presidential Debate, Fox News, and Scythes

Fox News is like Pravda of old, the famous USSR propaganda channel. An old joke was this: An American & Soviet had a challenge, which the American won by a mile. The Pravda article later reported "In today's race our valiant Soviet entrant finished in 2nd place while the pitiful American finally arrived 2nd to … Continue reading Presidential Debate, Fox News, and Scythes

Trump Parades: Cheering for your Hangman

Delicious! The delusions of those clawing, scratching, cheering; thinking they will rub elbows and share riches with the uber-wealthy. Laughing today at those they are told are below their rung. "Trump 2020" they cheer! Recall the child's game "ten little, nine little, eight little Indians..." or "I lit a match and it went OUT!" or … Continue reading Trump Parades: Cheering for your Hangman

Louisville KY & Muhammad Ali Airport

As I get ready for CNU 27 Tuesday, I was surprised to learn Louisville renamed Louisville Intl Airport (SDF) in honor of Muhammad Ali, joining their downtown arena in honoring the famous olympian & social justice champion. He deserves these long denied honors, is now a full hometown hero in Kentucky. But let us never forget … Continue reading Louisville KY & Muhammad Ali Airport

Good Cops Deserve Our Respect

I feel I need to say, once and for all, that I am not “anti-soldier”, “anti-police”, “anti-senior citizen” or for that matter “anti-white” or “anti-male”. I am glad that America’s first responders, in many states including my own, receive preferential tax rates, parades, respect, even now preferential parking spots at my own Home Depot. I … Continue reading Good Cops Deserve Our Respect

Washington Nonsense (2 fb posts)

My 2 facebook rants following Trump's "shithole countries" comment: "Illegal" immigration? Illegal how? "Nations" are irrational Euro centric constructs that were militarily forced upon bedouin in the desert, bushmen in the savannahs, canoe paddling pacific islanders, and regionally nomadic native americans. These imaginary lines helped the powerful confiscate land, enslave individuals (slaughtering the independent), impose … Continue reading Washington Nonsense (2 fb posts)

Moving On: My Upside Down Church

I'm unexpectedly leaving my congregation, UU-Clearwater. Not my denomination, Unitarian Universalists, just my local congregation. Like so often in my life, things seem upside down so I lost interest and I'm moving along. I love my denomination; we have “ethics” not dogma. Some members believe in Jesus, others Jehovah, some are atheists. Some consider the … Continue reading Moving On: My Upside Down Church