Diet#3: 16 Rounds & Weetabix

Another long diet/exercise story. I’ve maxed myself out at my morning walk, finishing 12 stairs (plus 4 warm-up/cool down). This is from my original, unimaginable, goal of FIVE. Those 16 cycles took 1:02. Adding any more loops seems crazy. I will now fix this length at 16, and work on lowering the time; an hour is just crazy. The music is working great.

My weight plateaued for 3 full weeks then, without warning, dropped one pound PER DAY for 4 straight days! That is an old known story, your body just screwin’ with ya! Lesson: dont lose faith, keep at it.

Here’s another “joke” that turned out great. I recommend this to anyone. Years ago, on a wikipedia linkfest, I accidentally learned about “Weetabix” cereal. It was famous from the UK, from the years of Hitler’s blitz. It was brought to Canada, then the US. It never caught on here, only among Canada’s British expats.

The ad copy stated: “If you add fresh blueberries and a dollop of honey, they are quite delicious”. My immediate joke was: with blueberries & honey, an old magazine is delicious. But I noted the name, and saved it. I looked to buy a case on amazon; but too $$$ for a silly joke and cultural time capsule.

But one day in my local Publix (due to Canadian snowbirds?) I saw a row of Wheetabix. The very last box at the far end of the cereal section (even beyond the obscure organics), as far as humanly possible from Trix and Froot Loops, hidden on the bottom shelf. I took one home.

It was weeks before I opened it, expecting my dad’s “shredded wheat” from youth; fibrous, tasteless, dry biscuits. It took Frosted Mini Wheats from my childhood to fix all that. Instead these looked like bizarre tan sponges, composed of Sugar Bear’s super sugar crisp.

These days I use only vanilla sweetened almond milk, which they sop up & immediately soften. Imagine a cross between oatmeal and bread pudding, perfectly smooth, at room temperature. The wheat taste is more sophisticated, not harsh; no pulp, grit or fibers. And at only 210 cal for 2, I sometimes eat 3 or 4 (I’m always looking for “volume”, since giving up my AYCE buffets). And yes, shut up, with blueberries and honey they are QUITE DELICIOUS! Not a joke, it turns out. And I’ve now stopped using the honey (along with sugar in my coffee)

But most web sites warn you that these biscuits provide “much fiber” so “be careful” to take in “significant fluids” (which I’ve been doing anyway). I’ve had no surprises that way. So if you can find them, I really recommend that you try your great grandparent’s favorite: Weetabix. Right from the pages of the Colliers, Reader’s Digest, and The Saturday Evening Post.

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