Profits over Care, Fear over Sense

At least ten years ago I watched a brief interview with Michael Moore (certainly on MS-NBC) highlighting the distributed medical system at use in Cuba at that time. Cuba was in dire economic straits, with the fall of the Soviet Union and a punitive American economic embargo. Yet all kinds of their public health measures … Continue reading Profits over Care, Fear over Sense

Good Cops Deserve Our Respect

I feel I need to say, once and for all, that I am not “anti-soldier”, “anti-police”, “anti-senior citizen” or for that matter “anti-white” or “anti-male”. I am glad that America’s first responders, in many states including my own, receive preferential tax rates, parades, respect, even now preferential parking spots at my own Home Depot. I … Continue reading Good Cops Deserve Our Respect

CNU26: First Floor Retail

My morning session at CNU-26 in Savannah addressed "first floor retail"; what you see in modern urban office & residential towers: which designs, ideas, zoning, layouts work & which don't. The great idea that was being pitched is to code for immediate "flexible" residential that can later flip to retail as the local economy grows … Continue reading CNU26: First Floor Retail