Washington Nonsense (2 fb posts)

My 2 facebook rants following Trump's "shithole countries" comment: "Illegal" immigration? Illegal how? "Nations" are irrational Euro centric constructs that were militarily forced upon bedouin in the desert, bushmen in the savannahs, canoe paddling pacific islanders, and regionally nomadic native americans. These imaginary lines helped the powerful confiscate land, enslave individuals (slaughtering the independent), impose … Continue reading Washington Nonsense (2 fb posts)

Clumsy Me!

(originally posted to facebook) On the scooter its always Ninja-level alert, 2-seconds to danger, and always wear a helmet, preferably my safety boots and jacket (which I left home on such a nice night). First, I am fine; except for leaving one layer of skin, and a whole lotta dignity out on East Bay Road. … Continue reading Clumsy Me!

Moving On: My Upside Down Church

I'm unexpectedly leaving my congregation, UU-Clearwater. Not my denomination, Unitarian Universalists, just my local congregation. Like so often in my life, things seem upside down so I lost interest and I'm moving along. I love my denomination; we have “ethics” not dogma. Some members believe in Jesus, others Jehovah, some are atheists. Some consider the … Continue reading Moving On: My Upside Down Church