Washington Nonsense (2 fb posts)

My 2 facebook rants following Trump’s “shithole countries” comment:

“Illegal” immigration? Illegal how?

“Nations” are irrational Euro centric constructs that were militarily forced upon bedouin in the desert, bushmen in the savannahs, canoe paddling pacific islanders, and regionally nomadic native americans. These imaginary lines helped the powerful confiscate land, enslave individuals (slaughtering the independent), impose eurocentric monetary trade (USD since WW2), and it now brands migration for legitimate individual economic and safety concerns as “illegal”. Man has wandered the land, by foot and vehicle, since the moment he could move; motivated by safety, economic opportunity, and curiosity. Imaginary lines now declare this “illegal”.

The notion is utter bullshit, invented by European aristocrats to stretch their wealth and power, and it is now demanded by their inheritors (the western billionaire class) to maintain their tilted advantages. They use all the tools at their disposal: the military and police state, political connections and advantage, and their owned media to inflame the ignorant with self serving, focus tested, reasonable sounding tribalistic or racist lies.

Just another day in America …

– – –

Republicans demand local control when democrats control central government, but are wise and powerful dictators once handed the keys. They demanded that Tallahassee stay out of schools when dems ran things for the state, but then immediately cut education to ribbons under Jeb Bush. They wailed about capital corruption as outsiders, but tolerate Scott’s flaunting sunshine laws and their now obvious political paybacks.

They demanded cities be “incubators” when they ran local govt here and there, but then passed sweeping limits on cities’ rights for labor, fracking, sanctuary once in charge.

They demanded that states (red or blue) control medicare grants, when dems ran washington, then could not wait to force federal limits on blue states (forcing them to drill for oil or penalizing them for providing better services) once washington was triple red.

Orrin Hatch personally went on Meet the Press under W Bush calling the filibuster unconstitutional, then under Obama saying any Democratic erosion of the filibuster was a power grab, then under Trump demanding that it be eliminated in key areas. I saw Hatch make all 3 contradictory speeches, and I rarely watch TV.

I used to say republicans were hypocrites. But I’m now convinced it is an actual pathology of self denial, ignoring reality, destruction of political institutions for personal gain, and causing actual death to our most vulnerable. Actions justified and wrapped about in touting the bible, the constitution and the flag while doing and encouraging followers to do the exact opposite. ASSHOLES does not even come close to capturing the nuances of what was once the proud party of Lincoln.

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