I’m An Inkblot

It happened again. I spent all last summer having strangers strike up conversations with me; in parking lots, coffee fixin bars, restaurant lobbies. At first it was unsettling, then something to study, eventually a great source of heartwarming blog posts. Now, I just take it in stride I was putting in my cream & sugar … Continue reading I’m An Inkblot

People HATE Transit

I spend a lot of my retirement advocating for transit, “for social justice”, so poor people can get to work and avoid the crazy expenses and the charlatans selling, repairing, stealing, towing, and ticketing cars in their neighborhood. And for the sons and daughters of middle class Americans being sent off on one after another … Continue reading People HATE Transit

The Future: “To the Bride & Groom”

I'm attending a wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding is today, and it overwhelmingly heartwarming. I had no idea what to expect. My role was to be an escort, and an observer; to enjoy myself and a sneak in a small vacation. This week has been simply wonderful. Here in Charlotte, in “the historical south”, this … Continue reading The Future: “To the Bride & Groom”